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The new Sony Alpha ZVE10 mirrorless digital vlogging camera offers interchangeable lenses, built-in bokeh, an HD USB webcam interface, and a whole bunch of amazing features. The ZV-E10 is marketed more as a VLOGging camera, I think, rather than for still photography. It’s very capable of both, but people more serious about photography probs wouldn’t be looking at a camera in this price range anyway. Speaking of video, which is what we’ll use it for primarily, it shoots Ultra-HD 4K and 1080 HD at a bunch of different frame rates. You can Live stream directly from the camera simply by connecting the camera via USB-C. It’ll stream HD at 720 and it will pass the camera’s audio to the stream. And the USB port will provide power to the camera. Get yourself one today. They’re in stock and shipping now from Amazon.

Built to travel. Intended for use while camping, hiking, backpacking, traveling in a truck or RV, or staying over someone's apartment. Lightweight and far more comfortable than the average camping mattress. Effortless assembly with this SELF-INFLATING sleeping pad! No blowing or electric pumps are necessary! Outdoorsman Lab’s Premium Sleeping Pad is longer in length at 77”, yet it packs down small for easy travel. Love it or your money back (and then some). This is the best sleeping pad ever. Pick one up here: