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Fresh and Felicia are crafters. Innovators. Influencers. And generally fun people. From their honest and objective product reviews found on their Amazon storefront and live streams and YouTube, to their shared cruise adventures across the seven seas on Cruise Reviews, to the inner workings of Felicia’s growing crafting and maker hobbies and Etsy store at Family Unit, and exploring health and wellness for a longer and healthier life via the Give ‘em Well blog and YouTube videos, Fresh and Felicia are creating content that’s interesting, informative, and fun! 

Chuck Fresh is an internationally renowned DJ, voiceover artist, author and entrepreneur. He’s the voice behind a wide variety of television shows, documentaries, radio and TV commercials as well as the actor behind the character “Tim Cruise” from Cruise Reviews and Family Unit. Felicia is the creative crafter and more organized right-brain glue that holds everything together.

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