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Passion Led Us Here

We thought it was comical that every single “About Us” page on so many Shopify stores had EXACTLY the same copy and pasted text. The first giveaway was the emojis in their social media ads. Americans use emojis sparingly. Different strokes, I guess. So here’s what THEIR “About Us” pages say. 

“At [whatever.com] we love every passion and interest on Earth And to spread exactly that is our core vision To help you Express Yourself. That why you find a custom collection for every profession, hobby, sport, passion or anything you might think of. Whatever you passion right here on our store.”


What the heck are they babbling about? Go ahead and look for yourself. That’s enough, we thought. We can do this. Better. Smarter. More efficiently. And with proceeds creating AMERICAN jobs. We killed our Shopify store and partnered with Amazon and Etsy. 


Chuck Fresh is an American-born entrepreneur and an MC/DJ with over three decades of experience creating legendary parties all over the USA. He’s also a filmmaker and the author of the smash hit “Party Games” book, and the host of several television shows and documentaries. Felicia B is a super wonderful pseudonymous person who still has a very important day job for a few more years, so we're kinda hush on her deets for now. 

Here's the thing. Fresh and Felicia orders, reviews, and evaluates every single item on this site. If we don’t like it or won’t use it ourselves, we won’t sell it. It’s that simple. Our team literally took over eighteen months to hand-choose every item you’ll see on our site. Watch our videos and read our reviews to learn about our experiences with each of these thoughtful products. 

And since we’re a registered and vetted Amazon affiliate, all of it is backed by the flexibility and power of Amazon’s super generous return policy. Broken? Don’t like it? Send it back for a full refund. But don't get crazy. Too many returns could get you booted off Amazon's platform for a year. 


Unfortunately, many of these items are manufactured in China. Pretty much everything in the world is still manufactured in China, including the device you are reading this on. Hopefully, that’s going to change soon. But for now, many of the great gifts you want are stuck on cargo ships off the shore of California. There is a lot in stock as of the beginning of November, so shop EARLY to make sure you're one of the lucky ones. 

In the meantime, you can still support the American economy by helping us earn a small commission from each sale. This supports us so we can hire more help here in Florida. It supports American-based Amazon warehouse workers. It supports American trucking companies who move these goods to warehouses from distribution centers. And it supports American mail carriers, from the package sorters all the way through the mailman who comes to your front door. Each of your orders touches at least four to twelve American taxpayers. That’s the right thing to do for all of us. 

Thanks for stopping by, and we wish you a safe and happy holiday and Merry Christmas!