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An American’s Guide to Iceland

Unlock the secrets of traveling to Iceland like a pro. From proper clothing to safety guidelines, this guide will help you make the most of your adventure.

MSC Cruise

Is MSC a Good Cruise Line?

Is MSC a Good Cruise Line? Felicia and Tim have taken 5 MSC cruises, and they answer frequently asked questions about MSC Cruises.


Cruise Tips for Beginners

Which cruise is best? Is a cruise vacation safe? Will I be bored? How much is a cruise? Should I buy insurance? Are your meals free? Find out here!

are cruises dangerous

Are Cruises Safe?

We’ve sailed on over 50 cruises, and despite our run-in with Covid caught during our Carnival Mardi Gras cruise, we still feel cruising is as safe as any other all-inclusive vacation.

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