Aniioki A8 Pro Max 1000 Watt Electric Bicycle

We’ve reviewed a LOT of electric bicycles. From foldables to mountain bikes, mid-drives, and minis, we’ve never seen anything as powerful or with the range of the all new Aniioki A8 Pro Max.


  • A 1000W/1400W peak power motor with 90 Nm of torque and top speed of 32MPH
  • Detachable 48V 60AH UL certified automotive-grade lithium-ion battery
  • 7-speed Shimano shifter
  • Aluminum-alloy frame
  • Motorcycle-shaped seat
  • 180mm diameter 3mm thick hydraulic brakes
  • Hydraulic front forks and rear shock absorbers
  • 20”x 4.0” fat tires


Assembly of the Aniioki A8 Pro Max electric bicycle was fairly straightforward, taking about an hour to install the front wheel, adjust the front disc brakes, connect and tighten the handlebars, insert and tighten the seat, attach the pedals, and install the front fender and motorcycle-looking front headlight. The front wheel has lock washers, but there’s no quick-release option. The seat is tightened with four difficult to reach Allen bolts, so make sure you’ve got it set where you want it because it’s a bear to change it. This model is not foldable.

The battery is a monster! It weighs close to 20 pounds, so be ready for that when you use the key to remove it to charge it off the bike. You can charge it on the bike using the included charger which is much easier. There’s a sticker that recommends you don’t place the battery in the vertical position for safety. We’re guessing that it could be damaged if it fell from that position, so leave laying down horizontally for best results. The battery was about 60-70% charged when we received it. Aniioki states a full charge can be completed in 7-8 hours with their included quick charging unit.


Fresh couldn’t wait to take it for a test ride. At first, he skipped the manual and held the traditional power-on button on the controller. After not successfully being able to turn the bike on for a few minutes and launching into a minor panic, he grabbed the manual and discovered the two key fobs that came with the Aniioki A8 Pro Max weren’t just clever keyrings. A double press of the center button emitted a loud car-alarm type chirp, and caused the Aniioki screen to come on. The bike came to life.

It’s always best to fully charge the battery before your first ride. Since this battery is UL listed, it’s safer than other knock-off batteries that have caused fires in New York City, prompting legislation to mandate UL listing of batteries. It’s good to see the people at Aniioke proactively embracing battery safety. The battery had a charge out of the box, so the full charge only took about 3 hours rather than a 6-7 hour full charge. Battery engineers report the best condition to store a battery is between 30-70% when not using it for a while. But if you’re going on a long ride to test the 100-200 mile range, charge it completely.

After the full charge, Fresh excitedly pressed his key fob and started his Aniioki. He quickly accelerated using the twist throttle-only to about 30 MPH before backing off. He did manage to get it up to 32 MPH with pedal assist in his flat Florida neighborhood. At that speed, you’re largely ghost-pedaling. Fresh says he prefers the twist throttle because your hand must be firmly on the handlebars when accelerating. With thumb throttles, your thumb is relatively loose sacrificing grip and stability, especially on off-road trails. The 180cm hydraulic brakes quickly stopped the wheels when necessary, and felt very smooth.

A ride through fairly packed dirt and sand appeared effortless with the fat tires grabbing the earth nicely for a stable ride. Fresh sailed off some curbs and over a few smaller dirt mounds with the dual hydraulic suspension arresting the shock from the landing. The seat is a little longer with adequate padding, resembling something you’d see on a conventional motorcycle.


It’s easy to forget that the Aniioki A8 Pro Max is first and foremost – a bicycle. Select from several riding modes, including pedal-assist, throttle-only, cruise control, and a walk boost mode – which Fresh thought was silly until he had to walk a half-mile through loose sand back to his car at a Florida beach. Yes, walk boost can be VERY helpful. The motor is natively 1000 Watts with peak power of up to 1400 Watt, providing a ton of power even through loose sand and up the most demanding grades. With up to 90 Newton-meters of torque, the A8 Pro Max will have enough power to start in loose dirt or gravel, or on steep hills.

Fresh got the A8 Pro Max to the restaurant, and hit the lock button once to turn off the controller and battery, securing the bike and rendering it powerless and pretty much useless to strangers. He remarked what smooth acceleration and braking the A8 Pro Max features, as well as the comfort provided by the elongated motorcycle seat and dual hydraulic suspension.

Fresh intends to do a range test to see if 100 miles throttle-only is really plausible. Considering the size of the 60 Amp-hour battery, Fresh thinks it’s very well possible.

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