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Heybike is a silly brand name for a company. But, as we’ve discovered, Chinese companies are saving money by handling all their English translations and naming conventions in-house using online tools that translate well, but miss colloquial meanings. Not the smartest move in my opinion, because as a professional copywriter, I always imagine our company trying to sell something in China and accidentally naming it something like “Stupid Idiot Widgets.” Remember Chevrolet’s Nova disaster in Mexico? No va in Spanish translates to “doesn’t go,” or broken. Not their brightest move. Fortunately, “Hey bike” doesn’t have a negative connotation. Still, I can’t help thinking it’s a smart bike that I can summon with my voice. But, no va.

Enough digressions. Back to the electric bicycle, the Heybike Ranger. It’s fast. It’s cute. It’s well built. It’s got decent battery range. It’s a lot less expensive than Pedego’s folding models. And the most brilliant element of Ranger’s design is it’s foldable, opening countless opportunities for thousands to ride an electric bicycle in places they couldn’t access. Fold it up, toss it into the trunk or back seat, and bring Ranger to the beach, to the mountains, to a faraway family visit, to anywhere you can legally ride an electric bicycle. Normally, companies send us electric bikes to review. Heybike sells so many of this model, they didn’t think they needed us to promote it. We bought one anyway to see what all the fuss is about. And it’s definitely a great electric bicycle.

But – how does Heybike Ranger ride on dirt and roads? And how difficult is it to assemble an electric bicycle shipping in a box from China? Watch our YouTube video above for the full review of Heybike Ranger.

When you’re ready to snag your own Heybike Ranger, use our Amazon affiliate link and take advantage of special sale price and Amazon’s excellent return policies: https://amzn.to/3MPKZ0T

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