Velotric Nomad 1 Electric Bicycle Review

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They call it “Mango.” I call it yellow. Regardless, it’s rare to find any bike with a choice of 8 colors and 2 frames. Velotric did it – something for everyone! The Velotric Nomad 1 is one of the most stylish fat tire bikes on Earth.

The Velotric Nomad 1 is their most versatile and powerful electric bicycle yet, with a POWERFUL 750 Watt high performance motor that peaks at 1200 Watts. The 75 Newton meters of torque will legit surprise you. That’s more torque than some motorcycles! Even at 15 degrees uphill, Nomad 1’s 750 Watts will provide a smooth, effortless riding experience. There aren’t many hills here in Florida, but the few inclines I found were a joke to the Nomad 1.

Equipped with a ‘Tesla-grade’ 48V 14.4 Ah removable battery made by LG/Samsung, the Velotric Nomad 1 features a 50% longer range compared to similar bikes at this price and in this category. We haven’t done a range test yet, but Velotric says the Nomad 1 can travel up to 55 miles on a single charge with pedal assist. Not many people I know will travel 55 miles on the same day, but, it’s nice to know the average rider won’t have to charge your Nomad 1 every time you ride it. We rode about 30 miles and the battery still had about half left.

The strong reinforced aluminum step-thru frame makes it super easy to hop on and off. The full-frame is available too if you don’t dig the very cool, vintage step-thru look. The Nomad 1 step-thru design fits riders from about 5’1” to 6’9”. The maximum bike load is rated at about 440 pounds, and checking over the welds, it looks like loads won’t be a problem. So feel free to load it up.

Velotric doesn’t mess around with safety. They spent the extra money to certify both the Nomad 1 AND it’s battery with UL, which many well-known electric bicycle manufacturers don’t bother to do. That’s SUPER responsible. Big plus there. And, Velotric rigorously tests their bikes and frames under the toughest conditions so that you won’t have to worry about the quality. I’m sure some of the other companies test too, but probably not this thoroughly. I felt safe riding the Nomad 1 on regular paved trails, and on some lighter dirt tracks.

Perks? They’re here! The Nomad 1 is equipped with LED front and rear lights, adjustable front suspension, and super smooth and strong hydraulic disc brakes offering riders extra safety. It’s also IPX-6 waterproof, which means you could technically powerwash your bike with no problems – but don’t do that. IPX-6 can handle a passing rainstorm or puddles on dirt roads with zero problems. The included fenders will keep that water away from your face, and your beautiful new Velotric Nomad 1 in Mango.

Assembly was fast and fairly straightforward, pretty closely following the included Quick Start guide. All the tools you need are included, and it’s actually a very nice set! Slide it out of the box, and take a look at your job. Pro-tip: attach the kickstand before you put the wheel on, or you’ll drive yourself nuts trying to stand the bike up. Pop the front wheel on, and tighten it all up. Next up is the front fender. And don’t forget your LED headlight before you tighten the fender! Straighten out the neck, attach the handlebars – and this was pretty cool – there’s an etched diagram of where to line your handlebars up perfectly. Attach the controller and display unit right to the handlebars. Screw on the pedals and straighten out the seat after you attach the rear light. Fortunately, my hydraulic brakes were perfectly adjusted from the factory. If they’re not, no worries. The manual walks you through how to adjust them. I’ve never seen that in an electric bike manual before! Charge the battery in advance. If you’re like me, you’ll want to ride your Velotric Nomad 1 as soon as it’s put together. When it’s done charging, the light will turn green.

We took our Nomad 1 to the local art fair and turned a lot of heads. A few people asked if our bike was an exhibit. Velotric’s color choices are OUTSTANDING! Obviously, our favorite is Marvelous Mango. But you can choose the step through in a teal-ish Cyan, a baby sky blue, or a light green called Spring. The high-step version of the Nomad 1, intended for boys I suppose, is available in black, silver, sand, or mango

Oh – and we LOVE the handlebars too! The shape of these allow you to sit up straight on your bicycle, giving you much more comfort than some other designs.

So, you’re probably wondering, well, how fast does it go? Due to certain laws in certain places, riding some electric bicycles rated that can travel over 20 miles per hour on throttle only might violate some local restrictions, so be aware of your local regulations. Although your Velotric Nomad 1 is a 750 Watt and can theoretically travel upwards of 25 miles per hour, it has been throttled back for safely. Now, there may be a way to “hack” the controller to allow your Nomad 1 to travel a little faster. Contact Velotric support for more information.

This is a LOT of electric bicycle at this price point. Hydraulic brakes. The fat tires with fenders. A long-life LG/Samsung battery with LED lights and a USB charging port. A 750-Watt motor with ridiculous power and torque. And an 8-speed Shimano shifter, and four awesome colors in your choice of step-through or a standard frame. It’s an awesome ride with a LOT of torque. When you’re done watching our YouTube review, we think you’ll be as impressed as we were. Wow! More info available on Velotric and their bikes here.

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