Engwe X20 750 Watt Foldable Electric Bicycle

Engwe recently released their latest foldable electric bicycle in their flagship X-series, the Engwe X20 750 Watt Foldable Electric Bicycle. Beauty, power, and the convenience of a foldable bike make this a great choice! If you are looking to upgrade from Himiway, Heybike, Rad, Sondors, or Aventon’s older or outdated models, this is it. Check out the key features in our YouTube video here:

Check out all the included features that come standard with Engwe’s Flagship X20 foldable electric bike!


The Engwe X20 foldable 750 Watt dual battery electric bicycle has dual 14.4Ah + 7.8Ah batteries, which offer 1065.6 Watt hours of energy. This can provide from 50 miles up to 120+ miles of riding range. This depends on rider weight, incline, tire pressure, outside temperature, and how much you decide you want to pedal. Torque tops out at about 65 Nm, powerful enough to get you through loose sand or climb steep hills.

As reported, the top speed is reportedly 31 MPH, although we couldn’t get past 29 in our first test ride. It is important to note that the X series are limited to a certain number of minutes in the high speed mode, called ‘sport mode.’ This automatically switches back to a normal mode with a top throttle speed of about 22 MPH. We’re working on determining if there is a procedure to unlock the sport mode limitation.

It is a heavy foldable, weighing in at 102 pounds including the 2 batteries.


Engwe X20 is equipped with a TRIPLE shock system including a front hydraulic shock, a middle mechanical shock, and a rear air shock. This provides a super smooth ride for humans up to about 330 pounds on just about any terrain. It is surprising they included this feature at the under-$2000 price point. All terrain 20 X 4 inch fat tires with a one-piece wheel provide a stable ride with no spoke adjustments and excellent compression.


Engwe incorporated a very innovative design in their seat post. Basically, the extended life battery also doubles as the seat post. It can be adjusted from being seated all the way in the bike frame, to being locked in more than a foot above it. A quick release lever locked in with a circular lock keep it secure. The handlebar tube is also adjustable several inches so riders can ride with comfortable posture. This innovative design provides excellent rider height variation. People from about 5’2” all the way to 6’9” can ride the Engwe X20 comfortably and safely. The X-series is also available in 24″ and 26″ wheel sizes, all foldable for easy transportation.

Assembly and preview of Engwe’s X20

Fresh had a medical procedure, so he couldn’t lift the bike into his SUV for our standard beach ride. Don’t worry, he’s healing up fine, and we’ll head out soon! Stay tuned for our complete Engwe 2023 Flagship X series ride test – the Super X series power beast! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit notifications 🔔 so you’ll be the first to see it.

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