Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean Cruises

Afraid to fly on a rachet old twin-turbo airplane to a tropical island? Us too! Going on a cruise to a Caribbean island is an easy way to chill with some rum punch after an adventure-filled day. Many people ask us where Florida-based cruises sail to, so we created this blog to help answer some of the frequently asked cruise questions about Caribbean cruises.

In the Eastern Caribbean, you can hike through an actual jungle and experience thunderous waterfalls in Puerto Rico‘s El Yunque National Forest, or fly through the air on the world’s longest zip-line over bright teal-blue waters in Labadee, Haiti. Fortunately, that part of Haiti is nowhere near where the craziness is happening. Explore the Dutch and French architecture of St. Maarten, or swim with dolphins (or pigs!) at Blue Lagoon Island in the Bahamas. During your Eastern Caribbean cruise, slap on an eye patch and set sail on a schooner before dropping anchor at Turtle Bay, where you can learn about the pirate history of St. Thomas.

Dive through shipwrecks or treasure-hunt through the jungle in the Western Caribbean where you’ll find yourself immersed in bygone eras and pristine natural scenery. Did you know there are pyramids in Mexico? In addition to having the most beautiful water on Earth, excursions from Cozumel and Costa Maya allow cruisers to explore Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico and even limestone caves with rivers and swimming holes. The Western Caribbean also offers Stingray City in Grand Cayman where you can swim with these gentle creatures. Don’t worry, they won’t sting. And regardless of what the United States State Department says about Jamaica being too dangerous to visit, ignore them and definitely visit the completely safe Ochos Rios.

Set sail for a sun-soaked, wind-swept adventure in the Southern Caribbean. Surrounded by warm, green-blue waters and powder-soft sand, this is as far as it gets on a Florida-based Caribbean cruise. For the adventurous, lace up your hiking boots and scale Mount Liamuiga in St. Kitts and Nevis where you can see dense jungle and volcanic black rocks on the shoreline below. Explore sugar plantations in Antigua and sail the seas from Nelson’s Dockyard. Or explore the St. Lucia rainforest in an open-air gondola ride.

Although Key West isn’t technically in the Caribbean, it’s still a super fun place to explore and enjoy warm weather and fun 365 days a year. Key West is one of our favorite cruise destinations, and you can see the top tourist destinations outlined in this easy walking tour.

There’s lots to do in the Caribbean for children of all ages! Join your friends at Cruise Reviews for tips and tricks to help you explore these wonderful destinations safely.

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