Glitter Ornaments for Valentine’s Day

Why can’t a Christmas tree become a Valentine’s Day tree? Or a St. Patty’s Day tree? Or an Easter tree? In our home, it does! Why not, add a little festive fun to your home with these fun DIY glitter ornaments you can make for under $1 each and in less than ten minutes. Felicia will show you how.

Making your own ornaments is not only fun and creative but can be extremely relaxing. You will need clear ornaments (glass or shatterproof), polycrylic or Glitter-It, and glitter. Have fun with them by cutting words on your Cricut Joy, Cricut Explorer or Cricut Maker. Add a ribbon to the top and a hook and you are all set. Simply remove the top from the ornament, add in the polycrylic or Glitter-It and swish around. Turn it upside down and let it sit for a few minutes to drain the excess in a paper cup. After that, use a funnel or roll up some parchment paper and fill the ornament with a little glitter. Then roll it around to cover the inside and BOOM! They will look amazing!

Watch this video to learn to make your own glitter ornaments in no time.

What Supplies Do You Need to Make Glitter Ornaments?

Here are the links to the products used in this project:

– Plastic ornaments
– Glitter-It
– Silver ornament hooks
– Transfer Tape
– Polycrylic
– Cricut Weeding Tool
– Fiskars Self Healing Mat
– Cricut Maker 3
– Cricut Explore 3
– Cricut Joy
Cricut Transfer Tape
– Cricut Weeding Tool

– Ultrafine Glitter
– Chunky Glitter
– Weeding Tool

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