Happyrun G60 TANK Fat Tire Electric Bike – Power and Beauty

Our friends at Happyrun sent us their fat tire electric bike they call Tank G60. Inspired by SUVs, G60’s beautiful attention-grabbing appearance, dual suspension, fat tires, and its powerful 750W (1500W peak) motor provides more than enough torque to conquer dirt, rocks, loose sand, or steep mountain inclines. Or just open up the throttle, pedal a little, and outrun the local Nissan Altima with our verified top speed of 31 MPH. Like most other electric bicycles, there are 3 modes of operation: pure electric throttle, pedal assist, or turn the motor off and ride it like a plain old 7-speed fat tire mountain bike for an amazing workout.

See the Happyrun Tank G60 in our assembly and test ride video

Happyrun’s Safe Battery Technology

The detachable 48V 18AH lithium ion battery can carry you up to 68 miles (on flat roads with pedal assist) after a full charge. And no worries about cheap cells and battery fires. Unlike many off-brand electric bikes, Happyrun’s G60 Tank has passed the UL 2849 electric bicycle electric system safety test for product safety, battery management system, and functional safety assessment requirements. I actually keep my Happyrun G60 inside my home, and I have absolutely no worries about a LIPO battery fire.

G60 Features

There is a lot to like about the G60 Tank, starting with dual suspension. The front fork and and upgraded aluminum alloy rear 50mm shock absorber improves stability, control, and comfort, making it suitable for various terrains. This provides a surprisingly smooth ride for a bicycle!

Unlike many competing electric bicycles that use a key only to remove the battery, Happyrun’s G60 requires an ignition key, just like scooters and mopeds. Plus, there is a second key for the battery lock, which helps keep bad actors from running off with your battery.

The display is LED with large numbers, easy to read even in direct sunlight. Top that off with fat 4″ tires, cast rims, hydraulic brakes, and dual LED lights with TURN SIGNALS! Happyrun has delivered an amazing value at this price point with the Tank G60 electric mountain bike.

And assembly was very simple. Fresh took it out of the box and had it completely ready to ride in less than an hour.

Will the Happyrun G60 Fit Me?

Happyrun’s Tank G60 fat tire electric bike is recommended rider height is 5’5″ to about 6’5″. Fresh is just under 6 feet tall, and thinks longer 6’5″ legs might have a little trouble pedaling comfortably. Fresh says a more realistic top height is probably about 6’2″-ish, because like on a motorcycle, the seat height is not adjustable. However, if you are 6’5″ and just intend to ride full-throttle like a moped or motorcycle, this could totally work. On the shorter side, Felicia is 5’3″ and she was able to ride and pedal this bike comfortably, resting on her toes at a dead stop. Payload including rider and saddlebags tops out at about 265 pounds. The bike itself weighs in the neighborhood of 90 pounds, so eat your Wheaties if you plan to deadlift it.

Purchase yours here! https://happyrunsports.com/collections/electric-bike/products/happyrun-tank-g60-electric-bike-for-adults-ebike-1500w-48v-18ah?FreshandFelicia

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