LOKLiK Crafter and LOKLiK IdeaStudio Review

The LOKLiK Crafter and LOKLiK IdeaStudio is a cutting machine system designed for beginning crafters. It will cut several different kinds and brands of adhesive and heat transfer vinyl, cardstock, and other thin materials.

Felicia unboxes and reviews the LOKLiK Crafter

In many ways, the LOKLiK Crafter is very similar to a Cricut cutting machine, with very similar features and a considerably lower price point. 

Crafter has an easy to use app called LOKLiK IdeaStudio™ for designing and personalizing projects. Like most other comparable machines, the app does require a little learning to become proficient. Most of the more popular features of the leading brand’s software are included in IdeaStudio. Converts from other software will need to adjust to familiar terms that have been renamed in LOKLiK’s software. For example, ‘Welding’ is called “subtract at crossover.” “Convert to path” allows you to reshape and distort images, a function rarely seen in cutting software. There is also an enhanced version of Idea Studio which includes a beta AI image creation function you can use to create interesting designs and decals.

Unlike a popular competing cutting program that often frustrates users with the loss of internet connectivity or manufacturer server problems, LOKLiK IdeaStudio™ supports offline operations. Even if the network goes down, you can continue cutting vinyl or paper. When it is connected to the internet, the company boasts over 12,000 free online designs that you can use in your projects. You can also import SVGs and other images to cut them into vinyl patterns. 

How to Cut Cardstock with the LOKLiK Crafter Cutting Machine

The machine is quite fast in its cutting process. We did notice LOKLiK’s crafter is very quiet compared to some other popular models. In our tests, we cut at least ten different kinds of vinyl, including heat transfer vinyl, glitter vinyl, and permanent vinyl. The cuts were quite clean even with very small letters or designs. We also were able to cut 100 pound cardstock effortlessly. There is not an official LOKLiK scoring tool that we’re aware of, but there are several other inexpensive tools like the EK Success that can be used to score paper or cardstock easily.

The only problem we had with the first release was properly calibrating the machine for its Print and Cut feature. We were able to calibrate a few times, and eventually the calibration process began to fail. Although the left and right sides aligned and cut perfectly, the calibration seemed slightly skewed on the top and bottom of our test sticker cuts. LOKLiK support reports they are aware of this issue and are working on a solution. Everything else continues to work perfectly.

Overall, for most crafters looking to cut vinyl or cardstock, LOKLiK’s Crafter and its accompanying IdeaStudio™ software look like they’ll soon be an industry leader, and especially at this price point. 

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➡ LOKLiK Idea Studio Software for PC and Mac: https://www.loklik.com/download

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