Velotric Discover 2: The FASTEST Electric Bicycle I’ve EVER Tested.

Our friends at Velotric asked us to review their brand new Velotric Discover 2, one of the best full-sized electric bicycles I’ve ever reviewed. The ride is smooth, the acceleration is quick, and the features are literally a miracle at this price point. Ima say that again – I saw features on the Discover 2 that aren’t even included with the $4000 bike I tested a few weeks back!

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Who the heck is Velotric? With over 10 million bikes in production, Velotric is everywhere. We see them jetting all over Florida. Velotric has won a bunch of industry awards and is the fastest growing E-Bike Brand in the US. Why? Expertise. Quality. Safety. Velotric simply makes better electric bicycles. Velotric’s engineering team has experience from some of the biggest bicycle manufacturers including Lime, Giant, Specialized, and Decathlon. They own scores of patents, including a proprietary drive system that no one else can touch.

And Velotric is safe. I have to be honest, I’ve seen the videos about e-bike fires in New York City. No worries with Velotric. They spent the time and money to get UL certifications and ISO Testing for safety. We’re talking unbelievable testing, including subjecting their bikes to twice the Sahara Desert heat, simulated sandstorms, and as low as Siberian temperatures can get. Most other brands are not UL certified or TUV certified, but Velotric’s Discover 2 is.

Most electric bicycles are rated IPX4, meaning don’t get caught in a bad rainstorm or you’re in trouble. The Discover 2 eBike is IPX6 rated, and its battery is rated IPX7. Dudes have actually dumped the Discover 2 battery into a washing machine, with soap, and it came out perfect. Bikes get dirty, so don’t be afraid to use a pressure washer to clean your Discover 2. I actually took a shower with mine. You can see it in our video review! Don’t worry, I covered all my bits and bytes.

I could go on for days talking about the features Velotric included with the Discover 2, but you can read all about those on Velotric’s website. Some highlights I thought were important to mention include:

  • 750W (1100W Peak Power) with 75Nm of torque to handle loose gravel and hills.
  • Class 1/2/3 adjustable with throttle, um, throttling from 12-28 MPH, or maybe just a wee bit faster… (check our video!)
  • Max Range on a full charge: up to 75 miles (with pedal assist)
  • Pedal torque sensor instead of a cadence sensor. Torque sensors are pricier, as they adjust the motor’s assistance based on how hard you pedal, providing a more natural and intuitive feel.
  • Comfortable riding for riders from 4’11” to 6’4″ weighing up to 440 pounds!
  • 12 Points of Comfort including and Adjustable 80mm hydraulic front fork suspension, an adjustable handlebar stem, and an extended length left thumb throttle plus cruise control, and a super low 15″ step-through that’s great for non-gymnasts and old people like me.
  • Hydraulic brakes that are smooth as butter
  • Kenda Puncture-Resistant 27.5″ × 2.4” Tires
  • Apple Find My and Apple Health sync, an unheard-of feature for e-bikes in this price category.

With the free Velotric app available for Apple or Android, you can adjust bike settings and keep track of your ride. Hate apps? No worries. Just use the display navigation. The App is NOT necessary to use the Discover 2 eBike.

There’s also other little surprises like an Industry-leading limited 2-year warranty on the motor and electronics. 15 levels of pedal assist, that’s 3 Modes with 5 Levels each. And a rear brake light with freakin’ Turn signals! Plus a blinding 130 Lux Front Headlight for those dark and wild nights.

Velotric Discover 2 is available after March 29th 2024 online, and available at selected stores. Hurry up, before they’re sold out! Use our affiliate link below to help support our channel, and save an additional $60 with our special discount code, FF60. Here’s the link:

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