Yamation HTV Puff Vinyl is So Cool!

If you haven’t used puff vinyl before you’re missing out. It’s a lot of fun and adds amazing dimensionality to your projects. The top design is regular HTV, but the bottom one is puff vinyl. My friends at Yamation sent me this puff htv to try out. It came in a variety pack containing 30 sheets in 14 different colors. And they provide you the instructions include time and temp to use for this material.

I wanted to create something simple so I chose a design I’ve done before for myself. I’m using my Cricut Joy Xtra for this project and when I go to make it, I saved myself some time by combining the 2 mat colors into one. To do this, you simple click on the triple dots on an image you want to move and then chose the mat you want to move it to you. From there you can arrange the images however you want. I found that the everyday iron on material setting worked perfect for cutting this puff vinyl,

Just like other HTV projects that contain words, you want to make sure you mirror you designs before cutting them. You also want to make sure that the shiny or pretty side of the puff vinyl is placed face down on your mat so that when you iron it on it read correctly.

Weeding puff vinyl was easy and felt just like other HTV materials you use. The difference in in the end results. Wait til you see it.

I’m using my HTVRont auto heat press and setting the temp to 300 and timer to 10 seconds. I pre-pressed the shirt to remove any moisture and wrinkles and while that was happening, I layered the two color and folded them in half to find the center point.

I positioned them on the shirt and used a ruler to measure about 3 inches down from the collar. I removed the white layer and only pressed the red layer but forgot to hit record when I did that. I did a warm peel on the red and then added the white layer by simply positioning it where I wanted it and pressing again for 10 seconds. This did not hurt or damage the first layer at all.

And look how nice it turned out. I love the dimension texture.

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